Negotiating a Deal With Creditors Can Ruin Credit Scores

CreditSense wants to help people learn how to optimize credit scores and avoid further debt. Credit optimization is something that should be important to everyone. When a person makes any type of big purchase (home, car etc.) or tries to rent property a credit check is ran and the score […]

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Credit Optimization and Medical Bills

CreditSense offer helpful advice to alleviate people from debt and to help build good credit scores. Many people are seeking credit optimization advice and we love to provide information we discover about ways to achieve that optimization you wish to achieve. One thing people need debt relief from is medical […]

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What is Credit Score Optimization?


Credit score optimization, or more accurately, credit profile optimization is a comprehensive and proven series of strategic steps that can bring your credit profile into near-perfect alignment with the credit scoring criteria measured by FICO® credit scoring software. This scoring software determines how far your profile is from a perfect […]

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Credit Optimization for Business Loans


CreditSense strives to help people with credit optimization. These days many women are starting their own businesses. Searching for the perfect business loan or way to fund starting a business without damaging credit scores is crucial. Over the past couple of years lenders are starting to offer small business owners […]

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Peer-to-Peer Loans


CreditSense offers advice to help people with credit optimization and to build the perfect credit score. These days many people are turning to peer-to-peer loans online to help consolidate debt and seek loans to start businesses. These days interest rates on credit cards are high and many people are using […]

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Intelligent Bankruptcy Recovery


There are several powerful reasons that inspire the thoughts of bankruptcy.  Some people can’t make their monthly payments, some are overwhelmed by the size of their debt load, or they just want to escape from the daily harassment of collection calls and notices. Some people find that financial trauma is […]

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FICO vs Fake-O Scores: What is What?

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Over the last several years a new set of players have joined consumers, credit bureaus, and financial institutions in the credit system. These new players are credit report/score wholesalers, and they have taken the internet and certain credit-dependent industries by storm. Many of these credit report providers are wholly owned […]

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