Walmart Credit Card


Frequently, super store Walmart offers you $100 worth of merchandise for only $75. All you have to do is apply for and get a Walmart credit card. Since you shop there frequently and enjoy the store’s everyday savings, you may think there is nothing to lose by applying for the card. [...]

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Understanding Your Credit with Credit Karma


People rely on their credit for many things, such as buying a house, obtaining credit cards, opening bank accounts. But what many people don’t understand is that it also can keep you from getting a job, or even getting utilities hooked up in a new home. Credit reports enable businesses [...]

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What to Look for on a Free Credit Report


According to the numbers, breaking through the barrier to understanding credit is a formidable challenge for most adults in the U.S. About 4 in 10 adults are unaware that mortgage lenders and credit card companies factor credit scores into interest rate decisions, and fewer than 10 percent understand that multiple [...]

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CreditSense Uncovers Hidden VISA Fees

Hidden Fees

CreditSense wants to help people maximize credit scores and increase credit optimization . Over the years many people seldom ever carry cash on them to pay for things. The introduction of debit cards allows people to swipe a card to pay for items at the grocery store or even to buy a [...]

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How to Read, Understand Your Credit Card Statement for Credit Optimization

credit optimization

CreditSense wants to help people maximize credit scores. Paying credit card bills on time and avoiding paying only the minimum amount is key to credit optimization. Recently a law passed that forces creditors to provide certain information on credit card bills to help people better understand the process of paying back credit [...]

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Credit Optimization for College Students

CreditSense wants to help people maximize credit scores. College students may fear the amount of debt that accumulates over four years of college. Although most college loans do not cause a credit scores to go down, the ability to pay the debt leftover can be overwhelming. Many recent college grads are [...]

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Negotiating a Deal With Creditors Can Ruin Credit Scores

CreditSense wants to help people learn how to optimize credit scores and avoid further debt. Credit optimization is something that should be important to everyone. When a person makes any type of big purchase (home, car etc.) or tries to rent property a credit check is ran and the score [...]

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